Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hump Day

Well it is hump day and I am sitting here trying to be good and do my work. It is raining and cold and it is just not thrilling me!

Well so far this week we spent most of the weekend with Kathy and her kids. Kathy took my kids home with her Sunday night and the girls really enjoyed that. Haley has never stayed at Aunt Kathy's and she was thrilled to do it. Kathy said she had a visitor in her bed at about 4 a.m., but that is usual for Haley.

I had to work and Chris had to work on his things for the race.

Monday we spent the morning working and then went to Ottumwa to pick up the girls.

Tuesday was trying to get back into routine, but who knows what routine is. Rachel on the other hand decided that she wanted a friend to come over. I had told her numerous times "NO" and I meant no. Well she decided to call this friend and make arrangements for her to come over without me knowing. Her friend showed up at 4:50 p.m., yes that is way too late for a school night. Me not knowing what to say to the mother told her that I would have her child home at 6. Well yes I should have scolded Rachel right then and there, but I was in denial that she had disobeyed my orders. I did not know at that time that Rachel had made the phone call. Anyway after a call to a mother/teacher (yes thank you Andrea) I decided that she would be punished with no TV and no ice cream because those are our things we usually do after supper. Well I had a meeting to go to for 2nd grade parents/teachers so we could see what the kids are doing in class and what they expect from the students/parents. Anyway Chris was on the phone with race stuff, I cooked supper and had to leave. I had no time to tell Chris what had happened.

Needless to say when I got home after the meeting they were watching TV and having ice cream. Rachel was in the middle of her's and I promptly asked Chris to turn the TV off and Rachel had to give me her ice cream. Her eyes were huge when she had to explain to her dad what she did. He was a little bit surprised at her knowing what the telephone number was to call her friend (thank you to caller ID showing up on the TV)! She had to go take a bath, finish her homework and to bed she went. She was upset about the ice cream, not too bad about the TV, but frustrated she had to go right to bed.

Chris wants me to make her miss soccer practice Thursday, but I on the other hand think the point was made. Any thoughts on that one?

So today is Wednesday and we will see what today brings. Hope everyone has a wonderful hump day!!


Andrea Frederick said...

MAN....that stinks that Chris didn't know about the punishment. I think that soccer practice will be overkill especially since it will be probably be cancelled anyway. It's up to you though!

Cindy said...

That is kind of what I thought, but wanted some additional input, THANKS AGAIN.....yes soccer practice will probably be cancelled!

Bree Shaw said...

i would say soccer practice wouldn't really be a punishment. i would make sure the next time she wants a friend to come over that you say "no"and explain the reason. which would be..b/c of what she did the last time you told her no and that she knew what her punishment was and went ahead and lead her dad to believe that it is was ok with her watching tv and eating ice cream. then that will take care of the punishment for not obeying you when you told her no on the tv and ice cream. then maybe she will think twice next time. man i dread these wonderful days of parenting ahead of me.