Monday, February 9, 2009

rain, rain go away........

Can we say spoiled Saturday! YES we can! It was an awesome day with the windows open and the kids playing in the sandbox and on the swing set and on the trampoline. Wouldn't it be nice for it to be officially springtime! I so want the wind to quit blowing, the sun to come out and the magic fairy to come and tell me I do not have to work for the next 2 much for wishing! Everyone have a wonderful Monday and enjoy Tuesday, cuz old man winter is knocking at our doors.....argh!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Cat....

You know when you have an animal for over 13 years you are kind of attached to them. Well our cat Racer had lived his life to the fullest with being a little bit on the timid side where he liked to bat at most anyone that came through our door. Yes he would sniff them and then take a big old swing with his front paw and yes you felt it. He was a #14 cat. He was called the devil cat at times, but he was our cat.
He had in the past year or so started sleeping on Rachel's bed and following her around in the house. He had not quite warmed up to Haley like he had with Rachel, but he was doing better. Well in the past month he was kicked out to the garage because he was using the Christmas tree skirt as his litter box. Do not get me wrong, I was torqued beyond belief that he would do this but I also reminded myself that he was getting old.
Every day for the last month he would be waiting for us to come and go through the garage so he could get some loves and pets from all of us. I was really surprised at how much he let the girls pet him and give him cat kisses (rub nose-to-nose). So cute and wished I would have gotten some pictures, but you know how that goes.
Well this weekend he quit eating and did little drinking of his water. He had not been acting quite right as he was not walking around with his big furry tail held high in the air and strutting his stuff. I suppose he knew his time was coming. Yesterday morning he had about 4 accidents in the garage and boy they were enough to turn my stomach. Usually it does not get me, but these were oh indescribable. He went outside yesterday and wanted to come back in last night. He hopped up on his perch, a blanket we had put him on so he could see us come and go. He crapped again last night and this time it was more potent smelling and we knew the way he looked and the way the pooped looked it was not good. So this morning after Rachel went to school and Haley went to Judy's we said our goodbyes and took him to the vet.
Usually when he goes to the vet he is more than pissed off and not wanting anything to do with anybody. I put him in the cage and rubbed and spoke soft words to him! Oh so hard to someone you have had for 13 years, but knew he would be better off and he is. The vet said he barely moved a paw when he went to pick him up, the vet knowing this is not the same cat he has dealt with before.
Anyway Haley came home at 1 p.m. and asked where Racer was. I avoided the question and waited until Rachel come home and told them both that Racer was in Heaven. Rachel had a hard time and Haley finally understood when I told her that his spirit was in Heaven watching us but his body we would put next to the garage.
We went and got our special cat and the girls and I dug the hole. We said our goodbyes, Rachel fell apart and had to go to the house. Haley and I talked as daddy fixed the special spot for us to ponder Racer and all the fun we had with him. He has a special thinking rock where he is so we can sit and know he is having the time of his life in Heaven.
Rest in peace my special kitty, we love you lots!