Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Warm milk...

So I have a little girl that gets up in the middle of the night and gets a drink of water from her water bottle in the fridge. Well for the last couple of weeks I have found the fridge door ajar here and there and have been getting on the kids about making sure the door is shut. But this morning, when I found the fridge door ajar, there was a bunch of condensation in the fridge and on my little blower hole that blows cold air into where the milk is kept to keep it extra cold (I like my milk COLD) there was frost all over it. I frantically checked the meat and milk and other things in the fridge to see if they were still good and WHEW they were, but warmer than they should be. So off to Nelson's I go (the local appliance store where the fridge came from) and they told me the part I need (it's called the door cam) and it is ordered. Now. if we can just keep the door closed until the part comes in......gotta love the little things in life that we need to keep us going!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Riding bikes...

Wish I had a picture of the girls and I yesterday riding our bikes! We decided to go for a bike ride yesterday as Chris had taken off on the 4-wheeler for some guy time. The girls had a friend over for a while and then it was time for the friend to go home. I then asked the girls if they wanted to go for a bike ride and simultaneously they said YES! I have been very leery of riding my bike with both of the girls on their bikes, because Haley has had a little bit of a listening issue in the past when she rode her bike and it made me uncomfortable as I could not control her bike and mine at the same time. Well I felt like we could give it a try again with all 3 of us on our bikes and it was great!

The girls handled their bikes very well and we even made it competitive to see who could stay in the lead, me laughing as Haley was peddling as fast as she could to pass Rachel and me laughing as I was trying to not pass them both and act like I was really trying to!

It is so amazing to think that I can take a bike ride with my girls....how the time has gone by, but I am having so much fun with them as they grow into the different stages of their lives....but please tell me how to get them to quit bickering and fighting......but then I do remember my sisters and I doing the same thing.....memories gotta love them!

Friday, March 6, 2009

So it has been 2 nights and....

Haley has slept in her bed all night long! Hurray I say as this has been a big deal in our house. Chris and I are not sleeping well when Haley climbs in our bed as she is an octopus......arms and legs going all the time! We have bribed her (which never worked), we have told her that her favorite toys will disappear (which they have and it still has not worked), we have told her there are no monsters in her bed as Dora and Boots will save her (that is who she has on her bed sheets), we have tried a lot of things. So it came down to her telling us that our bed is more cozy than her bed and her bed is cold and ours is warm.

Well my sister Julia had gotten a new bed and on her old bed she had a memory foam mattress pad they had put on their bed for some more cushion. They did not need it and gave us a chunk of the mattress padding. I put that piece on Haley's bed to see if maybe the cushion from it would make her bed cozy and also keep her warm as the memory foam does keep your body "cozy."

I did not say anything to Haley about this, so after she had fallen asleep in our bed (a nightly routine of reading books with the girls as our bed is the one that fits us all) I had taken Haley potty (yes she is asleep, but she does potty still) and put her in her bed. For the last 2 nights she has slept all night in her bed. I have woke up a lot more rested the past 2 mornings and Haley is not grouchy like she usually is in the mornings. Chris woke Haley up this morning and her first words were "Dad did I sleep in my bed all night?" She was amazed, I have been ecstatic and now we will see if this continuous.

But my words to my sister are THANK YOU! If I would have only known I would have bought a memory foam pad a lot sooner! Everyone have a wonderful day!