Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Me and the wasp...

Okay well this is not the best picture, but it is what I have. Sunday a wasp decided to fly up the leg of my shorts and well this is the result of it. Chris said it had to be a male wasp to venture up the leg of my shorts. Thanks Chris! Yes it is painful, yes it itches and yes it burns! I am going to the doctor tomorrow as it keeps growing instead of shrinking. My thigh is also swollen and so it looks like I have a goose egg on my leg. So do you think I am allergic to wasps? I would have to say yes. I have not been stung by a wasp since I was 4 years old and mom said this is what happened to me then, but I did swell up a lot more. So I guess I will avoid wasps!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Track and Field Day 2009

Mrs. Applegate's 2nd Grade Class

Rachel and her ribbons....2nd for the high jump, 2nd for the 3 legged race and 3rd place for the softball throw......Awesome job!

The softball throw.....Mr. Metz asked Rachel if she threw like a girl, obviously not too bad for getting a 3rd place ribbon!

The long jump........she did not place, but was very close!

The 3 legged race with Lillian.........2nd place and their ankles were not too sore!

The 100 meter dash......

The high jump.......Rachel loves to do the high jump......she received 2nd place!
There was a lot of anticipation amongst the kids, but we kept encouraging them congratulate each other......they overall as a class did very well with their sportsmanship.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My dreams are.......

Awaiting the arrival of our new mattress. Our mattress we have now is horrible and so Chris is sleeping in his recliner half the night and me sleeping on the couch in our room or in the middle of our bed where it is not as broken down as the rest of the mattress. Our new mattress arrives in 2-3 weeks, hopefully sooner. We have 90 days to determine if it will be the mattress of our dreams or another lump for a bed!

I am dreaming of those nights that I can rest and wake up refreshed and know that I have slept well with the proof of a drool spot on my pillow :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

And all I wanted was a pop......

Saturday morning started out with me having to finish my work for the week (transcribing). Haley had ball practice at 10, so after breakfast and finding shoes and equipment out the door we went. I really wanted my pop for the day, but did not have time to get it. I have no self control, so we do not have pop in the house... Ball practice was over in an hour and the girls were already hungry for lunch....ugh it seems like we had just gone done eating. So I figured out what to do for lunch and needed to heat the stove up. Finally had a chance to go get my pop. A whole 3 blocks away, I took the car and my money for the pop I so wanted to have.

I left the store with my pop in hand and back home I go, remember this is only 3 blocks from home. I stopped at the stop sign on the square in town to turn south to come home. I waited my turn and proceeded to turn south. Then out of the corner of my eye came a blur and WHAM into the side of my car. I am thinking what the heck just happened. I am thinking what just hit me. I am thinking nothing was there when I turned. My thoughts were a blur. Mind you this is in seconds of thoughts. Next thing I know a kid stands up with his bike and then the blur starts to clear as I remember seeing a kid on his bike trying to stop before he hit my car. I mean he hit it HARD! I am trying not to freak out, the kids sister is hollering to make sure he is fine. I am trying to make sure he is fine and trying not to strangle him while I am trying to find out if he is fine and asking what he was doing. He would not tell me his name. His friend denied knowing him, stating that he just started riding bikes with him. I knew that was a lie (of course the boy that was riding with the kid that hit my car was the oldest of the Johnson boys and they have an issue with lying so go figure). The kid that hit my car kept saying he was sorry, he had no brakes on the bike and he was in trouble. I am thinking/saying why the heck were you going that fast coming upon an intersection with no brakes on the bike. I kept asking if they were racing their bikes and finally they told me they were. This is on the south side of the square, the busiest sidewalk for people to be on and a busy intersection and these kids could have hurt someone else as fast as they were riding.

I could not get his name to find out who he was. He and his sister took off on their bikes. The other kid took off on his bike and my car is still in the middle of the road. Another guy that saw what happened pulled up and asked if I knew the kid....no I did not and so off we went to find the kid and find out who he was.

We found him and his sister on the other side of the square. Finally got him to tell me who he was.....ugh I know his parents! The boy was a Ferdig. He kept saying he was sorry, he was not hurt and he would pay for my car. I kept telling him I was not worried about my car and wanted to make sure he was fine. I did tell him that this was a lesson learned and that it could have been way worse. Man I really wanted to lecture him, but I know he learned something (at least I hope he did)!

We then parted our ways and I went to get Chris. Well mad is not a word to describe his reaction. Off to the parents house we headed, which the kid had not made it home yet. Boy did he have some explaining to do when he finally arrived. He was not even suppose to be close the square. He was suppose to be riding behind his house which is 5 blocks from the square.

We had to file a police report, go back and get the parents info and now we have to get an estimate on the car. Chris seems to think $1000 will cover the damage, which is nothing compared to if something worse happened and if I would have been driving my suburban it would have been a lot worse as the kid actually went under the front of the car and I got it stopped in time. UGH.....all I wanted was just a pop....geeze! Rachel and Haley got a lecture on why they are suppose to listen to their parents and not to lie and why I am so anal about riding their bikes and listening to me. I think it was a little bit of an eye opener for them also!

So to further the story, I went to put the food away from lunch which was 2 hours later and my refrigerator was warm.......man if it is not one thing it is another. So Ms. Maytag I am had to defrost the coils in the back of the fridge, something I had learned from the time before.....oh it pays to pay attention sometimes!

Other than that my day was uneventful, but trust me I will be watching for wild kids on their bikes!