Monday, July 27, 2009

20 Year Class Reunion

Yes that would be 20 years!

I believe they counted 30 of us out of 60 some!

Angela and Kathy

Dee, Anna, Kris, Tracy, and Danny

Teresa, Jennifer, and Kris

Allen and Jeremy

Jodi, Jodi's husband, and Elaina

Todd and his wife


Wesley, Mike, and Alan and his son

Angela, Deanne, Shannon, Marla, Scott, and Jodi
What fun we had getting together, seeing each other, and enjoying stories. We all could not believe it had been 20 years, really it does not seem that way at all! I will be anxiously awaiting our next reunion! Hope you enjoyed the pictures...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ball season 2009....

Haley at short stop waiting for the ball to be hit, a hard thing for them to stand and wait.

Rachel up to bat!

Rachel getting ready to bat...she and another team member played up the next level to help that team out....they pitch to each other....Rachel thought it was okay, after the first few pitches!

Haley getting ready to swing......see the ball......

Standing at home she goes.........

Haley in the outfield......the one on the left!

Rachel the first one on the right...

Rachel and Haley both played ball this year.....what a difference there is between peewees and the 8 and under team! Chris and I coached Rachel's team this year and it was definately a learning experience for us! Rachel has improved a lot since last year, still has things to learn, but definately has grown in the knowledge of what to do. Haley got frusturated with not being able to hit the ball. She really wanted to hit it and be able to run the bases, but her swinging is not the best. Hopefully next year she will be able to improve.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lake Rathbun...

Zachary, Haley, Kathy and Mike getting ready to head out!

Mike, Samantha and Haley getting ready for their turn to ride!

Rachel and Kathy after they had their turn, after hitting a wave that sent them at least 2 foot in the air........I mean good air! Wish I had the camera for that one!

Mike and Samantha

Zachary, Haley and Samantha playing in the bubbles....

Relaxation after boating...
The first time the boat was taken out for 2 years.....we bought the torpedo, as we called it, because the kids could sit down inside and not fall out. Kathy and I decided to take the first trip out and what a trip....needless to say we are both still sore, but will do it again! Kathy and Rachel had the most air time in the torpedo.....they hit the wave just right and into the air they went. Zachary did not like it at all, until we had stopped to swim and he played in it and was just fine with that......we are all thinking about going again this weekend and taking the tent this time. Rachel, Haley, and Samantha had a blast and wanted to do it some more......glad we found something that they really like to do with the lake as Rachel was having a hard time with the dirty water.....go figure!