Monday, July 27, 2009

20 Year Class Reunion

Yes that would be 20 years!

I believe they counted 30 of us out of 60 some!

Angela and Kathy

Dee, Anna, Kris, Tracy, and Danny

Teresa, Jennifer, and Kris

Allen and Jeremy

Jodi, Jodi's husband, and Elaina

Todd and his wife


Wesley, Mike, and Alan and his son

Angela, Deanne, Shannon, Marla, Scott, and Jodi
What fun we had getting together, seeing each other, and enjoying stories. We all could not believe it had been 20 years, really it does not seem that way at all! I will be anxiously awaiting our next reunion! Hope you enjoyed the pictures...


Pamela Lin Thompson said...

Good photos.. Now where is the BEFORE pictures~

Shonya said...

WOW! You must be getting OLD! :) (I can say that now, and you can remind me in two years!! ha, ha!)