Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It is another Wednesday, the sun is shining, the neighbor is mowing, I am finishing up my day with work still trying to figure out what to cook for supper and waiting for Chris to come home, other than that nothing much on the home front.

Rachel has learned her lesson about taking things into her own hands, school is going good for her and she is ready for soccer to start!

Haley is excited about soccer, but keeps questioning when they are going to go....LOL! Guess she does not realize that this crazy weather has screwed up a lot!

The race that Chris has been planning for this weekend probably will not happen. The rain has taken care of that. It is suppose to rain for the next three days, so that means we will be trying to get the race scheduled on September 27th which is also my sister's (Kathy) B-day. We will have to sing happy birthday to her over the intercom and have a cake for her........she will love me for that....

Hopefully we will get to have soccer practice and the game on Saturday, I have my fingers and toes crossed as I do enjoy watching the kids learning how to do the different things and their competitiveness.

Okay off to figure out what to do for supper......everyone have a wonderful evening!

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Andrea Frederick said...

I hope we get to have practice too!