Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is an understatement....It has been a busy 2 weeks! We have been running to soccer practice twice a week and last weekend had a garage sale which I earned a whopping $150 which I have spent already on groceries and gas......UGH! I think I have traumatized the girls as they keep asking me if I am going to garage sale this toy or that toy....maybe I had better keep them out of the decision making of what toy goes next.

We finished up with the garage sale at about 2 p.m., cleaned up and headed to the race track in Memphis to see what my dad and Chris had accomplished on the track. Dad has not ran a maintainer (sp?) for 27 years, but Chris gave him the confidence to try and so therefore dad was in heaven. It took him about 15 minutes to remember how (you know when you have not rode a bike forever and then get back on)! When we arrived at the track (mom, Kathy and her kids, me and my kids) dad was just finishing up on the track work. You talk about the biggest grin I had seen on my dad's face. That was the reward of the day!

The kids, mom, dad, Kathy, Chris and I walked around the track trying to find treasures (LOL) and anything that did not need to be on the track (i.e. rocks, pieces off race cars, etc.) I found a wratchet (Snap-On...yeah for me or I mean Chris). We all found all kinds of stuff that had to be thrown off. Rachel found a string and a piece of metal and had to make a pull rope. She was tickled and that kept her busy! Kathy and I then took the weedeater and mower and trimmed and mowed around the inside of the race track in turns 1 and 2. Talk about sore the next morning, we are wimps!

So to this week we have had Girl Scouts sign up, my nephew was in town for a couple of days (he is in the Army, 82nd Airborne and is leaving for Iraq in October..SCARRY...his brother is already in Iraq...UGH). The girls had soccer practice on Tuesday, oh that is Rachel practiced and Haley practice her whining! She states she was thinking about practicing, but then told grandma that I told her she could not practice (think she has an issue?)! She ended up really frustrating me so we headed to the suburban early to wait for Rachel to finish practice. The crying started to get louder and louder as we head to the truck. She had everyone looking and wondering what was going on, it is awful to be in trouble! I hate making them cry, but enough is enough!

So now it is Thursday and I forgot I had a hair appointment (not good when you look like a hairy ape) and we have soccer practice tonight which Haley has stated she is going to participate tonight (I think the walk to the truck did her good, thanks Andrea for the confidence talk with the library incidence as Haley knew exactly what was coming when I started to leave the field on Tuesday)!

Chris has been running all week trying to get sponsors for a race that he is having in October. He is heading to the race track tomorrow to help get it ready for Saturday. I will go over after Rachel gets home from school tomorrow to finish weedeating and mowing what I want mowed to make it look better (since I am a little picky when it comes to making the grass look good.....go ahead and say I am off my rocker, but.....).

Saturday is the race that Chris has been working toward happening and seeing how this race goes so he knows what to expect for the race in October. The anticipation is killing me and Chris said his nerves are on end, but I think all in all things will be fine. I am excited to see what kind of support Chris has for this race (there is always a butt in a group of people that will say/stir up something, but it will be okay)!

Enough rambling. I will update you next week on the race events and see if I can figure out how to post some pics of things happenings in our lives. Have a wonderful weekend! Smile, the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day!

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Corin said...

Just wanted you to know I thought you guys did a great job. Everything seemed to run really smothly. There was a great car count. Which is wonderful, but kind of made for a lot of wrecks. I'm sure you and all the help where exhausted on Sun., with all that running around. Hope you guys decide to do some more races in the future.