Thursday, October 2, 2008

Made it through the weekend!

We made it through the weekend with the help of friends, family and others that were asked to help. Definately was a busy weekend. It started off Friday with Chris, his dad and I all going to the race track to touch up the mowing and weedeating and Chris working on the track. By dark I had enough weedeating, the mosquitos had come out (the size of I dunno what but they were freaking huge) and Chris had started watering the track with the help of Kevin (they call him tiny, but he is one tall dude). Jim and I finally left and left Chris at the track, Trent (a friend) went to get him later on (about midnight).

Saturday brought us to the girls soccer game. Haley was chasing the ball around, got a good kick and put it in the goal (huge smile on her face). Then she was the goalie and she stopped the ball from getting in. Yeah Haley!

Rachel's game was on the other field (Emma (Haley's friend) told me to keep one eye on Haley and one eye on Rachel, hate to tell her I am not that coordinated:) Rachel did good getting the ball when she finally caught up with it, but pooped out from running. They put her in the goal box and she let a ball slip by her (darn).

Then off to the house for lunch and waiting for Julia (my built in babysitter) to come watch the girls and Kathy's kids so we could head to the race track. Kathy was running late and we did not get to the track until 2:30 when the pits open at 3 p.m. Chris was calling and stressing me out cuz there were race cars there already and Kathy was grouchy cuz she was behind, not a way to start.

Well we started letting cars in the pits and at 5 p.m. we had 115 cars in the pits. That is a darn good count for the first time of putting on a show! We started racing at 6:15 and was done at 11:15 roughly. I do not know exactly what time it was, but that is what I have been told. I got to watch a total of 10 minutes of the races as both races were my brother-in-laws and he ended up second (yeah Mike).

Kathy, Heidi (Trent's wife) and I were in charge of counting the money and putting money in the envelopes to pay the racers for their finishing spots. Well at one time all three of us had the hottest pants in the We had to put the cash somewhere:)

So the races were over, everyone had left and Chris and I finally made it to bed at 3 a.m. Sunday morning. The girls were up at 8 a.m. and I felt like I had the biggest hangover. We were dead tired all day long......UGH was it all worth it......I dunno but we are going to do it again Oct. 17 and 18th for a two day show..........are we crazy..........YES!!!

Thank goodness it is not an every weekend occurance. It has taken me until today to feel human again......old sleep.......young kids do not work well.

Anyway this week has been a run fest still with my nephew coming through on Tuesday for a quick sleep over before he left for his parents house in Kansas. Casey will be leaving for Iraq like I stated before and it was nice to see him again before he left.

It has been cool this week and trying to find pants to fit Rachel has not been a good experience. Tuesday morning I finally found a pair of pants that would fit. Wednesday morning we missed the bus because I could not find anything. She would try something on and then on to the next pair. Six pairs later she found something that would fit. Guess I really need to go through her drawers again. She must have went through a growth spurt or something.......UGH! So Old to the rescue and I have ordered two pairs of pants for $12.50 a piece, and me a shirt too.....

So it is Thursday and we have soccer tonight, soccer game saturday, Chris is gone all day saturday for a junk/swap sale in Cedar Rapids and then Sunday is going to the pumpkin patch/corn maze in LaPlata for Girl Scouts and then Monday........does anyone know where the weekends go? I wonder that a lot!


Andrea Frederick said...

The weekends go TOO fast! I'm glad that your race was successful, and sorry that it takes the whole week to recover from one night of staying up late! I guess we ARE getting old and didn't even realize it:) You need a babysitter that will keep your kids ALL night, so you can sleep in the next morning. Good luck with the next one!

Andrea Frederick said...

your tagged see my blog for details

Diane Melvin said...

I'm glad to find out there are other people in Lanaster who keep a blog also.