Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ahhhh It's The Weekend

Well Saturday is finally here and I am more tired then I have been all week. Yes I stayed up too late last night and it is going to haunt me the rest of the weekend. I dunno if that is the sign of I am getting TOO OLD to stay up late or what, but like I said it WILL haunt me...

Chris was planning on going to the races at Bloomfield to talk to people about the race that he is promoting at Memphis that he is going to run with the help of his loving family and friends that have volunteered to help him. My sister Kathy called and wanted to know if the girls and I were going to come watch, because it was the last night and it was the season championship and Kathy's husband Mike was leading the points in his class. Well I went back and forth with the decision of whether I wanted to torture myself with two girls that do not really enjoy the races, but love to see their cousins (Kathy's two kids) so I finally decided to go...........ah it probably was not the smartest thing to do as the girls were a little on the wild side, Haley wanted to do what Samantha wanted to do, but Samantha was not wanting to sit still. Rachel had to keep going to the under side of the bleachers to get things that were dropped and both my girls were tired. Finally after the races dragging on forever, Mike finished his race second but won the points for his division. Congrats to him as it is the first year in a modified for him! Needless to say I got my but chewed out by a fan in the stands that had to be only like 17 because I was cheering for Mike as he was leading the race and their car spun out (which was the car chasing Mike for the points) and she was under the impression I was cheering that her brother spun out. I was sooooo pissed and I just wanted to jump down her neck, but all I said was I have a right to cheer for Mike. I finally figured out why she was pissed and went and talked to her mom who was sitting above this girl and explained that to her. She understood and said she had already given her daughter a butt chewing. I was still frusturated the rest of the night as I was enjoying the race and then that happened..........Ugh immature people in the grandstands, gotta love it!

Anyway Chris and this race he is putting on/promoting has kept him busy and on the phone. It is scheduled for September 13th and you would think that there would not be as much hassel as there is with doing this. He is worse than a woman on the phone now as he never gets off of it! The phone is constantly ringing, but I guess that is good as that means more cars and more people to where we/he will not lose money in this endeavor that he is taking on. I really am kind of excited about it, but scared too. It is hard to find people to work different areas and be able to trust them with the money that they will be handling. We are finding out about people that have worked at tracks and how they have had problems with dipping into the funds.......ugh it is frusturating! He has/is putting Kathy and I in charge of the money and counting it out and getting it ready for the payouts for the race cars at the end of the night. Kathy said she has been dreaming about being in charge of the money and how to keep it safe, well I have too....kind of scary trying to keep a hold of a lot of money and not having anyone get an idea of taking it!

My husband had asked me at the beginning what job I wanted and I so kindly told him I wanted to be the B***H on the 4-wheeler and laughed. He did not think that was too funny. I told him I was only kidding and that I would happily ride the 4-wheeler around with a big smile on my face......but I still do not think I will get to do that either:)

So this weekend Chris is planning on going to the racetrack at Memphis and check everything out and see what needs to be fixed in the grandstands, what the track looks like after the tractor pull from the Antique Fair Memphis had last week. I would like to take the girls and help him, but i do not know how long they last to help. But since the girls are always competative maybe they could take their bikes and race on the that would be a site to see!!

So needless to say it will be a busy weekend. Work has already called and asked that we put in extra time, so I am now getting ready to sit down to work for a couple of hours and it is already 8 a.m. and I wanted to already have my 2 hours in by now but since I stayed up late it is not happening.

Okay enough with the ramble, just had to share! So if anyone wants to come and watch this race and see some good races and see now my husband does the first night of promoting a race, come and watch at Memphis on September 13th at 6 p.m.

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Andrea Frederick said... have already had a busy weekend! The race is the same weekend as the relay, but sounds fun. Good luck today, hope the girls cooperate.