Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Second Half of Summer 2010

So the next half of the summer started with Stephanie, Todd, Dillon, and Dominic came to visit from Utah and cousins were reintroduced...

Riding 4-wheelers at Kathy's....Rachel, Zachary, and Dillon...note the 4-year-old is driving the 9-year-old around!

Dominic, Taylor, and Abbi (Julia's 2 girls)...Abbi dislikes fireworks

Shot off parachutes for the kids...Dominic got this one

Mike helping light sparklers

Rachel helping Stephanie make a cake

Went to the water park ....Stephanie is at the top left with Dominic...Rachel and Haley to the far right

Steph and Todd had the idea to rent jet skis at Lake Rathbun in we all took our turns riding...except my dad.

Julia and Luke .... I was a little nervous to drive/ride too fast

All summer long it had rained almost every other day....flooded many things...took this picture at Lake Rathbun....this sign is at the edge of a parking lot by the marina

Another picture of the marina....the building to the right is suppose to be at the edge of a parking it is in the lake

Storytime at the Library...for the past few years we went to storytime....the girls love it as they have activities for them to do and yes they have stories read to them...Rachel is in the pink hat.

The Worlds Fair aka Queen City Fair has a talent show.  Rachel and her friend Chrissy sang a Taylor Swift song.  I was so proud of them for getting up in front of an audience and you could hear them sing....go them!

Next was our surprise trip for the girls...we took them to Branson.  On the way we stopped at the Zoo in Springfield, MO.  I love this picture as the giraffe was right there to where we could pet and feed was so neat!

We rode the train...and then headed to BRANSON!

Driving down the strip we saw this....Haley was so excited....Mom, look at she kept saying!

This was the outside of the Titanic exhibit....this was one of my favoriate places we went...LOVED it!

We then went to Silver Dollar City.  The last time I was there I was 14 and Chris was 8ish.  I did not take my camera with us as I was afraid to get it wet...wish I would have now cuz I missed a lot of pictures.  When we first walked in they were doing a skit of a gun shoot out....guy and a was pretty funny....the girls were loving it.  We then went down the hill a bit and there was a roller coster ride...Chris and I do not like them, but figured we could ride one with the girls.  We get to the staging and the roller coster seat we are in are backwards...two little girls and their mom are sitting facing us.  I expressed that I do NOT like roller costers and then little girl that was about 6 said that is okay as you are sitting backwards and cannot see what is coming...made Chris and I feel great...NOT!  We made it through, but that was the only one we rode.  It was a fun day!  This picture was taken after showing how hot/soaked we were from the rides.  We had a lot of fun...the girls loved the Fire in the Hole ride, the log ride, and the roller coster just for them. 

This documented how hot it was.....HOT!

Another picture after Silver Dollar City

The girls at Table Rock Lake

Haley with her duck quacker while riding the ducks and Rachel at Ripley's Believe It or Not

Of course, minature golf has to be played while on vacation...everyone made a hole-in-one!

Rachel and Haley with Charlie's Angels at the Wax Museum

See the smile....Jeff Gordan and Dale Jr. the closest he will probably get to them

This was the night after we got home....Haley was playing with her folder and the next thing we knew she was asleep like this....too funny...I think she was worn out!

And to top off the summer for Rachel....her bestest friend Quinn came for a visit.  It worked out just perfect to surprise as we met Quinn and her mom at the school parking lot.  I told Rachel I had to pick up some papers from some lady...well we waited and finally they pulled up, Quinn had her window down, and the first thing Rachel said is "you got me again mom."  They had a blast in the pool and just hanging out. 

All in all this summer was a quick summer, but many memories made!


SewSara said...

hey cindy!
i didn't even know you had a blog ... how fun to find you here!
thanks so much for your comment.
i really do love hearing from my readers - especially when i didn't even know you had a blog. yay! :)

hope you are doing well ... it looks like you enjoyed your summer :)
i sure miss everyone in MO!

Bree Shaw said...

so glad you were able to go to branson for a fun filled family vacation and how cool to surprise rachel with quinn:) great post and pics!

Shonya said...

Wow, lots of great info. Could have been, I don't know. . .five posts?! LOL Glad you all had so much fun, cracked up that my super brave and resourceful friend is scared of roller coasters, and bummed I didn't know ahead of time about the talent show so we could have come and watched Rachel.

We really enjoyed the Titanic exhibit when we went 4 years ago, too!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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