Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Happenings...

So I am a little behind on posting...too many things going on and not enough time to just sit down and blog.  So here goes what has happened since my last post...and yes there are a lot of pics...

First day of school for the girls...Rachel in 4th grade and Haley in 1st grade

The neighbor received a phone call from her daughter saying they had been in a bus wreck (Rachel and Haley ride the same bus)  We headed out to find the bus not knowing where they were....that was so scary as I had been in a bus wreck when I was in 6th grade, so I know the feeling of being alone with no parent to hold onto....we found them not far from home....they were okay, but all I could do is run to them as fast as I could...I just wanted to hold them....now every time the bus is running late I sort of get anxiety.

Haley is showing off our landscaping remodel...yes it was HOT and yes I love the new design thanks to Chris and his talents!

Both girls were in soccer this year.  Haley was more aggressive this year than last.  She really loved it.  She is in the green shirt at a full run!

Rachel enjoyed soccer, but the physical part of it got her.  Not sure how well she liked it, but did get to score a goal or two.  She is in the blue shirt with the ball listening to the coach.

Amanda, Jordan, Jack, and Alexa came to visit.  I somehow did not end up with a lot of pics, but this is Alexa pushing Haley's baby around at the soccer game.  This is the first time we got to see Alexa...hmmm do you think we need to get together more often...yep thinking so!

The girls received balloons at school from a secret admirer....I found out later it was their dad, but the girls never knew who sent them...dad has a soft place in his heart for his girls!

Our future cheerleaders...the girls loved cheerleading camp...they both had a blast and are still doing the cheers.

Haley's class had a class trip to the corn maze....they had this huge hay pile and the kids really enjoyed it and the other activities.

Of course smores was one of the activities...YUMMY!

We have been losing teeth left and right at our house...the tooth fairy is constantly stopping at our house...Haley has another loose tooth that she is working on now!

Samantha, Taylor, Abbi, and Haley

Halloween was fun this year.  It was on the weekend so my dad was involved with the activities.  Kathy brought her trailer and we used our 4-wheeler to pull the kids around town...it was fun and I know mom and dad enjoyed being with the grandkids as they trick-or-treated...Kathy had her own 4-wheeler...she was dressed as a jail escapee and her and Zach flipped the 4-wheeler backwards coming up a hill...Zach told his mom "that was not cool mom."  I about died laughing...excitement for the night!

Haley's class put on a Thanksgiving play.  She was so excited about it and they did a really good job.  They each had their own part in the play.  Here is our proud pilgrim!

Haley had her Christmas program.  They sang beautifully and did well with their instruments.  It was so cute to see the kids all dressed up.

The girls were modeling their hats that I asked Aunt Karen to make for me.  They love them.  I dressed them up to take pictures for the Christmas cards and they decided to model a little....what fun they had!

So that is an update of what we have been up to.  I will try to do better at posting...hmmm that is I will try...


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cute pictures...good job with the recap!

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Fun update--but too much info for me to comment clearly--I might be add! :)

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