Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Happenings...the first half....

Our summer started off as a busy one.  Both the girls were in ball this year.  We did not have very many games that overlapped each other, but at Haley's first game she was chasing other kids, fell, and broke her arm.  She had to play in the outfield and could not bat...she was pretty bummed about that!  Rachel this year moved up to where the kids pitch to themselves.  This was hard as the balls came in there very fast, but she adjusted and did a great job at swinging and hitting the ball.  Here are some pictures of our first half of the summer.

Haley sitting in the dugout...3rd one from the left

Haley doing some sort of dance while in the outfield and with her broken arm.
Haley after getting her splint...she broke her arm at her 1st game before the game even started....running around and fell on it.....2nd time she has broke an arm...thinking she is going to be accident prone!

Rachel down and ready...actually I was taking a picture of her in her stance before her ball game for a project :)

Rachel and her team during a game...Rachel is on 3rd base

Getting ready to bat....she struggled with this, but by the end really improved...this year they pitched to themselves and those balls came in fast!  Note I am in the background coaching 1st and Haley is cheering Rachel on!

Lots of swimming this summer...between rain storms, but the girls have really got some good use out of the pool with friends and family!

Rachel, Haley, and Ann (my niece) at the Ottumwa Beach...Ann stayed with us for a week.  The girls had a lot of fun with her, enjoyed making things in the EasyBake, and really did not want her to go home..We will have to have another play date! 

My other niece Ashley at her graduation party...she graduated from high school and it makes me feel old as I can remember her taking her first steps and now she is taking a big step of going to college.

Rachel and Haley in the red shirts waiting for the race to start....there have not been many races, but the girls are right there to cheer their dad and Uncle Mike!

First day of summer school...the girls did not make it very long with summer school...decided they had had enough school...cannot blame them!

Both girls have lost teeth this summer...kind of funny as Rachel pulled her own tooth at Haley's ball game and if you know Rachel she has no pain tolerance!

Playing in the small pool (as the girls called it) at Gma and Gpa Chidester's house!


Shonya said...

Whoa! You're still here, hmmm? giggle I had seen no posts or comments on my blog in so long, I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth! :) It HAS been a busy summer, though, hasn't it? Love the pics and the update!

Kristina said...

Love the update!! Your girls are ADORABLE!! It looks like you've had a busy summer!

Bree Shaw said...

gotta love summertime! love all your pics. i am hoping to get some blogging done myself!