Monday, April 27, 2009

Happenings over the past few weeks...

Rachel and Haley each picked out a plant to put in a pot on the front porch!

My new gazebo frame that Chris and the girls surprised me with...we will put the top on after the winds quit for the season!

Our tomato and pepper plants....we are trying the pot gardens this year!

Rachel had Girl Scout recognition Sunday (Rachel is second from the left)....they have learned a lot and have earned a lot of patches, if only I would find time to get Rachel's patches sewn on:)

Haley took a very RARE nap Saturday afternoon (that would be a 3 hour nap)...Rachel came out to the garage and said Haley was asleep.....I did not believe her and checked for myself......low and behold she was asleep...she was a tired little girl!

Haley had Kindergarten Round-Up this past week and they got to take a bus ride around Queen City.....when she got home her dad asked her what she got to do and she said "We went to Kansas City and then went to the play park." We had to laugh at that as Kansas City is 3 hours away....we drive through Kansas City to get to Aunt Pam's so that is why/where she knew of Kansas City. Haley is so excited to start school. We are down to 4 weeks away for summer school to start.....the girls are ready, but me I am going to have a hard time with getting adjusted to not stopping at 1 o'clock and picking someone up from daycare.......

Chris and I have adventured into doing lettering on shirts and hats. We are limited to what we can do for now, but will be adding onto our business as we go. Here are some of the teams shirts we are working on. Notice Chris's other project in the background.......yes his race car. He has not had much time to work on it and he really wants to race this summer, but ball season is taking out of that.......he will just have to race in between games!

Rachel and Haley in their Easter dresses. I snapped these pics after did Chris and I get such beautiful girls......they just make my heart melt!

Rachel and Haley with their baskets that the Easter Bunny left them....

Here are the kids getting ready to find eggs! From left to right are Zachary who will be 3 the end of May (Kathy's son), Haley who is 5 and Rachel who is 8 (mine), Luke, Taylor will be 2 in August and Abbi will be 4 in November (Julia's husband and 2 daughters) and Samantha will be 6 in June (Kathy's daughter).

I love the bunny ears. I found them last year and the girls thought they were awesome, so they put them on for this year.

We had a wonderful weekend. Kathy and Julia came to help with the shirts on Saturday. Sunday we put up the gazebo frame, went to Rachel's Girl Scout recognition and then bought plants/flowers. I did not get any pics of the girls helping plant, but I really do think the had fun. I am excited to see how our pot garden works, but at least we can have some fresh veggies of our own. My dad has a garden and Chris's parents have a garden so we will busy helping them....but it will be rewarding to eat the fresh food. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Miss Jenn said...

Love all the pictures! I'll be interested to know how the pot garden works out, the way--don't use the phrase "pot garden" to just anyone. It sounds a little illegal!

Bree Shaw said...

wow! look at you and all your good pics! they are all great:)

Andrea Frederick said...

Thanks for the picture recap! You guys are BUSY!