Monday, December 15, 2008

Calling Santa

You know when you have had it for the day and you have to use that phrase "do you want me to call Santa?" Well I had to use that last night as the girls and I were getting ready for bed. Laying in bed Haley was still crying after getting in trouble saying in a hurtful way that she was happy her cousin Samantha was leaving (you would think those two were sisters the way they bicker between themselves) and then crying because she had to take a bath (you know that relaxing thing I would love to do every night) and crying more because she was going to bed (7:30 p.m., yes my kids were going to bed early)! Mind you this was 45 minutes of crying and I had had enough!

Rachel on the other hand likes to be the big mother-type figure and cause problems between the younger ones. She does not like it when Samantha and Haley are playing just fine and not including Rachel. Then there is Zachary and he will follow Rachel around like a puppy just doing what she is doing, so there is always a screaming child because of this or that.

I begin to wonder who the mother is in the house between Rachel and I......pretty bad when you have to compete between an 8-year-old and myself. I am always telling her that there is an adult in the house and it is not her.

Okay back to my story. We were laying in bed and Haley was still fussing and Rachel and I were talking about her actions with the kids and not listening to me or Kathy. We were talking about Santa and how he was watching them and how he was not happy with their actions or their listening ears. I said that I would have to call Santa and that one of his elves answered the phone for him and would give him the message that he needed to check his list again for our house. Well Rachel being the smarty pants that she is wanted to know how I knew Santa's phone number. I stated that being a mom we knew these things. That was not good enough for Rachel, so she asked me what his phone number was. I had to think of a good come back on that one and so his new phone number is 1-800-Santa......Yes I know it is short a little bit, but she did not pick up on that.

So both the girls told me that they would be double good this week so I would not have to call Santa. They are suppose to be on their best behavior, we will have to see how they do. I have also told them that Santa will be taking presents away if they cannot behave, so hopefully I have scared them enough that they will shape up a little bit.

Oh what we have to do as parents to get a little bit of sanity....... Happy Holidays!


Andrea Frederick said...

can't wait until rachel calls 1 800 SANTA and gets the operator!

Cindy said...

You are probably right on that one, did not think of that,thanks! By the way I needed that laugh...